Mayor’s Column: Solicitation

Mayor Mignogna discusses the solicitation policies for Voorhees.

As the world slowly returns to normalcy, we have received questions and concerns about door-to-door solicitors. In 2016, Voorhees Township adopted a “No Knock Ordinance” that allows our residents to control unwanted solicitation. The ordinance allows each resident to make a choice as to whether to be solicited at their home.

Voorhees Township requires anyone wishing to pedal or solicit door-to-door to first obtain a license. The Township Clerk issues the license after the application is reviewed by the Voorhees Township Police Department following a check of any criminal history. If approved, the applicant is issued a license. Door-to-door solicitation is only allowed from 10 a.m. to dusk.

Residents who choose not to be solicited can contact the Township Clerk at (856) 429-7757 or at  and obtain a no soliciting sticker that can be placed in an area visible to the public.

A solicitation license is not required for nonprofit organizations or any person campaigning for an elected public office or public question which will be voted upon in Voorhees in a general, special, primary or school board election. Although a solicitation license is not required for these individuals, they are required to carry a bona fide means of identification, such as a valid driver’s license or other government issued identification.

If a no soliciting sticker is visible on your property and a solicitor knocks on your door, advise the police so they can address the matter. Do not call 911; call the police nonemergency phone number, (856) 428-5400. Persons violating this ordinance are subject to a fine of not less than $100 or more than $1250. In addition, violators can be sentenced to jail for not more than 90 days or be assigned community service not to exceed 90 days.

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