Mantua Mayor’s Message for Dec. 7

Dear Community Friends,

I recently received an inquiry pertaining to the township’s lock box program and thought that this information may be helpful. If you are interested in obtaining a residential lock box for your home that only the fire department, police department and emergency medical services can access, this can be done through the Mantua Township Fire District. The fire district uses a Knox Box System’ that does not require an access code. The boxes in our township are keyed alike and are solely used by Mantua Township First Responders to access a property in the case of an emergency. It is a very secure system according to our Fire Chief, Brian Hauss, and is used by every business in the community. A Knox Box can be purchased by a homeowner through the Mantua Township Fire District, and since it’s highly secure, it has to be ordered through the Fire Marshal’s Office. If you’re interested, please reach out to Deputy Chief Daniel Hauss at for further information and the reference code for ordering a residential lock box.

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We are saddened to learn that Officer James Fellon and Officer Carmen Rabottino who both serve as SRO’s (School Resource Officers – SLEO III’s) are leaving the Mantua Township Police Department. Officer Fellon is retiring altogether, and Officer Rabottino has apparently accepted another job in the private sector.  We thank them both for serving our school community.

We are happy to announce the immediate hiring of SRO’s Dave Smith who’s a retired sergeant from Salem City Police Department, and Marie Frey who’s a retired detective from Logan Township Police Department and a former SWAT team negotiator. Smith and Frey are slated to be approved at our Dec. 18 township committee meeting, and will fill the positions resulting from the departure of Fellon and Rabottino as SLEO III’s.

The township committee and board of education have made the safety of our school community a priority here in Mantua Township. We have partnered to ensure that SRO’s are staffing our schools at all times during school hours. The hiring of the two new SLEO III’s at our Dec. 18 meeting will allow for a seamless transition, and for our schools to remain adequately staffed.

In other news relating to our police department, we are slated to hire Aaron Romano as a full-time police officer at our Dec. 18 township committee meeting. This is a replacement position as a result of attrition. He currently works as a full-time police officer in North Wildwood, and has a BA from Rowan University. Additionally, Andrew Glaser and Kayla Rhodes are scheduled to begin the Police Academy as SLEO IIs in February 2024.  

The Nov. 7 General Election results have been officially certified and this includes the ballot question that read, “Do you support the construction of the proposed Glassboro-Camden Line light rail transit system?” We anticipate the consideration of a township resolution at our Dec. 18 township committee meeting pertaining to the opposing election results of this non-binding GCL ballot question.

Our Winter Festival was held on Thursday, Dec. 30. The event was a huge success as several hundred people joined in the fun at Chestnut Branch Park. The entire township committee and I attended and had a great time. We’d like to thank our recreation committee, park staff and all those who helped to organize this wonderful event. It wouldn’t have been possible without all their hard work and hours of volunteerism.   

Our fourth and final quarterly township newsletter will hit resident mailboxes this month before Christmas. The 2024 annual township calendar was sent to print, and is also expected to hit resident mailboxes very soon. 

Upcoming Township Meetings and Events:

  • Sunday, Dec. 10 at 11:59 p.m.  – Deadline to sign-up for “Deck The House,” our first ever holiday house decorating / lighting contest on our website at
  • Our township committee meeting, and our last meeting for this year has been rescheduled for Monday, Dec. 18 at 4:00 p.m.  
  • Our township committee reorganization meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 4, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

On behalf of Deputy Mayor Pete Scirrotto, myself and the entire township committee – we look forward to continuing our service with honesty, integrity and trustful leadership.  


Mayor Robert T. Zimmerman, MAS

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