Women’s Club of Medford seeks new members

The club hosts monthly meetings and engages in community service projects.

With Covid killing many small businesses and nonprofits, many still fight to stay alive. The Woman’s Club of Medford, right here in Medford, New Jersey is doing their best to stay engaged within the community.

From helping put on the scarecrow competition this past October, to delivering turkey dinners for on-duty police officers, the Woman’s Club does so much good for the community. The Woman’s Club needs support to continue their mission of empowering and educating strong involved women.

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“One of my favorite quotes is empowered women empower women,” President Kathleen Cullen said. Cullen points out that the Woman’s Club is a place where women of all ages support each other, build one another up, and build community.

Cullen emphasizes her want for the club to be filled with passionate, involved members who want to make a change. Upcoming events include book club, club meetings with special guests, turkey dinners for police officers, and writing Valentine’s cards for veterans.

Woman’s Club is always open to new members and is constantly looking for people who love to get involved in the community.


The Woman’s Club of Medford offers an opportunity to women to be of service to the community and to foster friendship among women while promoting interest in diverse areas of community service. This club began in 1913, was formally organized in 1914 and was founded as an organization where women come together with a common goal of making the community in which we live a better place through service above self. Meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm. For more information or to donate, email at medfordwomansclub@gmail.com or www.medfordwomansclub.com

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