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Making history come to life: Shawnee High welcomes vets

Courtesy of Christian Hochenberger
Local veterans, students and staff assembled at the Shawnee High Memorial Garden for a wreath-laying ceremony during the annual Veterans Day visit earlier this month.

Shawnee High School once again welcomed local veterans of all military branches for its traditional Veterans Day event on Nov. 8.

About 30 local veterans were on hand this year, representing the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. They came together with the help of history teachers Zachary Baer and Jeffrey Provost.

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Veterans broke into small groups and visited student classrooms throughout the school day to talk about combat and peacetime experiences.

“It was a pleasure working with the veterans,” Baer said. “The best part of the day is watching the veterans interact with our students.”

The vets also gathered with students, staff, and administration at the outdoor Shawnee Veterans Memorial Garden for a wreath-laying ceremony. The school’s Yellow Ribbon Club, under the direction of special education teacher Rachel Belville, coordinated the ceremony.

Veterans then gathered for a luncheon sponsored by Mission Barbeque of Marlton and served by the high-school’ football coaching staff.

Reflecting on the importance of the annual visit, Provost called the day “incredibly valuable for both the veterans and students.”

“It’s important to make history come to life,” he noted, “and the students being able to interact with the veterans makes that happen.”


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