High Street and Williamson converted to no-passing roads

Courtesy of Harrison Township

In an otherwise short meeting on Nov. 6, the Harrison Township Committee announced that both High Street and Williamson Lane will be converted to no-passing streets for their entire length, effective immediately.

The decision was unanimous to approve an ordinance first introduced on Oct. 16. What it means is that High and Williamson will be designated as roadways where other vehicles can’t. The change will result in warning drivers of unseen hazards like driveways and intersections and the area will be marked by a gold and black sign in the shape of a sideways triangle.

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For the two streets, the new road change is in conjunction with a speed limit reduction that took place last month. The speed limit for Williamson Lane went from 40 mph to 35 mph, while High Street was lowered from 45 to 35 mph. The township also intends to police the two roads going forward.

“These changes are actually in conjunction with speed limit reductions done at our Oct. 2, 2023, meeting for Williamson Lane and High Street ,” said Mayor Louis Manzo.

Williamson Lane is a stretch of road that connects Richwood Road to Richwood Aura Road. A neighborhood also sits toward the half closest to Richwood Aura. High Street is a stretch that sits between Franklinville Road and Route 42, in close proximity to both Swedesboro and Woolwich Township.

The changes were a result of feedback from residents who felt that the roads were becoming more dangerous.

“We have had feedback from residents about the speed and dangerous passing on these roads,” said Manzo. “Hence we took this action and will police it in that manner going forward.

“Williamson Lane has become much more ‘residential’ in nature over the last several years,” he added. “Different than the more rural and open area it was in the past. And High Street has just become a more heavily traveled road connecting to Swedesboro and Woolwich (Township) as the population has increased there in the last several years.”

According to the 2020 census, Woolwich’s population increased by 5.4% from 10 years before, and Swedesboro’s population growth rate increase was 4.9%, also from 2010.

The next committee meeting is a business session at 7 p.m. on Monday at the municipal building.

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