It’s official: Disc golf at Chestnut Branch Park

The project was the idea of township residents Jim Kiel and Jason Moore

Courtesy of Mantua Township
The township presented a proclamation to Kiel and Moore, who together put nearly 1,000 hours into the project.

The nine-hole disc golf course in Chestnut Branch Park – known as Tornado Crossing – had its official opening with a ceremony and proclamation on Oct. 14 at the Mantua municipal building.

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The project was the idea of township residents Jim Kiel and Jason Moore, who accepted the proclamation from Mantua Committeeman John Legge in front of a large crowd. The duo spoke about their experiences and thanked the township for their support on the project.

“It was a nice turnout, especially on such a dreary day,” said Mayor Robert Zimmerman.

Tornado Crossing is at the back of the park and takes up 50 acres, according to Zimmerman. Kiel and Moore brought their idea for the course to the committee in the middle of last year. Along with a construction plan, the men offered to provide labor for the project and volunteer their own time to help. The township provided construction materials.

“From our eyes, it was a win win, for that area had been sitting vacant for many years,” Zimmerman noted. “We’re truly appreciative of their efforts. Jason, I believe, put in 200 hours of work while Jim put in 700 hours. They’re both avid disc golf players.”

The mayor also noted that disc golf is a sport anyone could pick and play, and is much less expensive than buying golf clubs.

The opening ceremony was originally scheduled to take place at the new course, but had to be relocated due to rain. Disc golf is among a number of additions to Chestnut Branch Park, which now has handicapped-accessible benches and new state-of-the-art trash cans, both installed earlier this year. The new course will get an additional nine holes by next summer.

To Zimmerman, taking care of the park is a major objective, since it will serve as a downtown that has been absent in the township.

“I think it’s (the park) incredibly important to the township,” the mayor said. “We have soccer fields, baseball fields and more. It’s very multifaceted. It’s a great place to have, since we don’t have a downtown or business district like they do in towns such as Harrison Township. Any given day, there are people using it.”

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