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Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Marisa Cohen belongs on the board of education.

There are so many wonderful reasons for wanting to live in Moorestown. Tree-lined streets, playgrounds (how great is Zelley), true community of caring people, arts, the best hardware store in America, the list can go on and on. The number one reason, however, is our schools. We are so fortunate to have a great school system that continually brings new families to our town and retains existing families. It is the number one reason why I wanted to live in Moorestown, and I am always glad I chose to be here.

There are many good choices this year for the voters to make in choosing the three people to join the current board. I know there is no one better than Marisa Cohen. She along with my other two picks, Jackie Barnes and Mick Weeks, will be a great addition to the board.

For those of you that don’t know Marisa let me give you a little bit of what I know. I have worked with Marisa these past couple of years with the Moorestown Rowing Club. She has been a valuable part of the leadership of our organization. We have had our own microcosm of controversial events along with the daily operation of a very large and expensive sports club. As a result, I have gotten to know where she stands on many issues.

Marisa is a true moderate. Someone who listens to everything, takes it all in, and makes a decision that will always factor these two items: what is in the best interest of the kids and what is in the best interest of the organization. She cares about every child’s right to a great education, she believes that every child should have full access to every resource available to them, and she knows that there is great responsibility put on the Board to be the stewards of the town for the students and the people of the town.

Marisa cares. She wears her feelings right there on her sleeve and has a passion and drive that I rarely have seen in others. That passion means she will also be tenacious. No one will be more determined to seek the truth and find the best solution to any issue that faces our schools.

Marisa’s character and drive is why I will go to the polls enthusiastically to vote for her along with my other two choices, Jackie and Mick. I would encourage everyone in the town to learn more about each of my choices and vote that way too.

Harry Faunce


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