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Lady Mary Louise of ‘Mannerstown’ teaches etiquette through nonprofit

Special to The Sun: “Some of the key things that I’m hoping the children take away are compassion, kindness, humility, accepting differences and greeting people,” said Mary Louise Bianco (center) of Mannerly Traditions, a nonprofit she runs that teaches etiquette to kids.

Moorestown resident Mary Louise Bianco – also known as Lady Mary Louise of “Mannerstown” – will teach children an interactive, customized manners-and-etiquette curriculum through her nonprofit, Mannerly Traditions.

“It’s more than ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’” Bianco explained. “ … Some of the key things that I’m hoping the children (take away) are compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, accepting differences, voice tones and greeting people.”

According to its website, Mannerly Traditions promotes educational efforts to convey mannerly traditions and etiquette to children and adults without the use of electronics. In her research about the social media and electronics used by kids, Bianco has discovered they are exposed to unkind, rude and even violent behaviors in society. That inspired her to start her nonprofit, and she’ll pass down what she’s learned to students in grades one through six this summer.

“This isn’t something new,” Bianco noted. “My mother – who was quite an inspiration – (said) we (her and her two sisters) had to go through lady training. The grandchildren, my children, had to go to what they call boot camp, grandma’s bootcamp, which teaches manners … 

“So it wasn’t something new,” Bianco added. “We were always taught how to behave.”

Bianco has more than 45 years of experience in primary, secondary and higher education, medical/physician marketing and customer/patient service training. She teaches CCD (religious education) at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Moorestown. She is also co-chair of arts performing at The Porch Club of Riverton.

Bianco was elected the first female fire commissioner in New Jersey for the consolidated Cherry Hill Fire District and served numerous years as the chairperson overseeing the fire-safety service and EMTs for the township’s residents.

Based upon research of her former residence, the Caleb Clothier House, Bianco has also taught the history of local abolitionists and their Underground Railroad endeavors at various schools, and for women’s groups, historical societies and Black History Month at Lockheed Martin Corporation.

“It’s the key to success really,” Bianco said of the message she hopes Mannerly Traditions gives. “Manners really haven’t changed. We’ve changed, our clothes have changed and our attitudes have changed … It’s the key to social graces and success.”

Bianco will teach everything from how to make conversation to how to greet people and how to set a table, among other rules. Her lessons will also incorporate George Washington’s 10 rules of civility, which include treating everyone with respect, speaking kindly about others, always giving your best and keeping an open mind.

“I’m not looking at earning money,” Bianco acknowledged, “I’m looking at teaching the children one by one.”

For more information on Mannerly Traditions, visit https://www.mannerlytraditions.com.

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