Mantua Committee introduces 2023 municipal budget

Public hearing is scheduled for Monday July 10

Courtesy of Ruggieri and Partners. The Mantua Township Committee introduced its municipal budget for 2023 on Monday, June 12 and will host a public hearing for it at the July 10 meeting.

The Mantua Township Committee introduced its municipal budget for 2023 through a resolution at their meeting on Monday June 12.

Until the budget is passed, the township is using a temporary emergency budget that was also passed by a different resolution, which will increase the budget until the official budget is passed at the next meeting. This, according to the committee, will ensure operations will continue to run until the next meeting.

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The public hearing for the 2023 budget will take place at the next committee meeting on Monday July 10 at 6 p.m. Should the committee vote on it, it will then be passed at that meeting.

“This budget allows us to maintain staffing and to continue the services we all value and expect here in Mantua,” Mayor Robert Zimmerman said. “Our budget hearing and final consideration will be at the next township committee meeting on July 10 at 6 p.m.

“I also plan on providing further particulars on this topic after the July 10 meeting, and will have our township administrator, Jennica Bileci, explain some important facts about this year’s budget during an upcoming Mayor’s Message video.”

Copies of the budget can be obtained from the municipal building at the office of the township clerk.

To help alleviate the budget, the township was also given two grants totaling $106,340.63, according to Zimmerman. The grants were accepted at the June 12 committee meeting.

“Our police department received a safe and secure communities grant in the amount of $32,400.00 and our public works department received a ‘recycling grant’ in the amount of $73,940.63,” said Zimmerman. 

“These are great innovative ways to offset our budget and to save local tax dollars,” he added. “We’d like to commend our department heads and their respective leadership personnel for pursuing these grant opportunities.”

The township also passed a resolution that will enable them to apply for a community development block grant for storm water sewer improvements on Berkeley Road and Franklin Avenue. The amount that Mantua will receive for this has yet to be determined.

All other resolutions at the meeting, which included the re-appointment of Glenn DeMers as superintendent of the Mantua Public Works department for four more years, were also approved by the committee at the meeting.

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