South Jersey company debuts its first film

WinMore Media’s short film is love story called Wurli

The South Jersey WinMore Media company recently began work on its first short film, Wurli.

A modern, short love story centered around dating – or not dating – in 2023, Wurli focuses on the expectations people attach to their relationships, especially for younger people.

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WinMore’s founder and Managing Director Josh Winrow is originally from Oklahoma, but moved to Voorhees and began his filmmaking career. He attended Camden County College, where he met two members of the WinMore film team:  film technicians Jermaine Ayala and Dylan McGowan. Additionally on the Winmore media team are Ariel Adels serves Creative Director, Sara Renner another film technician, as well as Kasey Vincent and Lauren Koob.

“The name Wurli  is directly inspired by a song named Wurli that I listened to,” recalled Winrow. “It had me thinking about my own past relationships. It’s very different from the dating world our parents grew up in. Now there are so many dating apps, weird lingo … like a ‘situationship.’” 

The popular social-media term for two people in a relationship was popularized on TikTok. Winrow explained that his film idea came from personal experiences he’s had with people – situationships of his own – where he felt unsure about the direction of relationships.

“I have talked to so many people about their own situationships, relationships, dating stories, whatever, and I see so many (movies), but I don’t see one where it is talking about (situationships) and giving the perspective of the people involved,” Winrow noted.

“Everyone thinks that they are the good guy in their own story …” he added. “I think (a lot of the time) it’s really just miscommunication.”

Winrow expects his short movie will be about 15 to 20 minutes long once filming is complete. On the WinMore Media website,, there are biographies of the  company’s team members, descriptions of future projects and donation pages and links to for those who would like to assist in WinMore’s future endeavors

To learn more about Wurli, visit .

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