Longtime Eastern board of ed president honored by school

Performing arts center at Eastern Regional now named after DeCicco 

“Everything in this arts program around the school has had Bob’s fingerprint on it,” said Board President Jude Brown of Robert DeCicco.

The Eastern Camden County High School Board of Education last Tuesday  honored one of its own, Robert “Bob” DeCicco, by naming its performing arts center for the recent retiree. 

Superintendent Robert Cloutier opened the naming ceremony by thanking DeCicco for more than four decades of service on the board, noting that cooperation between its members and school administrators is one of the main reasons Eastern has enjoyed so much success.

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“I stand before you (crowd) today having the honor to inform Mr. DeCicco after  his 45 years of service (of having) the performing arts center in his name,” the superintendent said. “I will forever remember and cherish the sound of pride and humility he expressed as I shared this honor with him.

“Mr. DeCicco’s attention to detail in all matters is the reason why this district has a plethora of resources now, and ones that will carry us into the future.”

During his board tenure, DeCicco was a strong supporter of the school’s arts programs who attended as many musical and play performances as he could.     Board President Jude Brown joked that “everything in the arts program around the school has had Bob’s fingerprint on it … or should I say hand print.”

DeCicco became board president in 1987, and despite his already 10-plus years of service, nobody could have predicted when his tenure would end – not even DeCicco himself. He eventually decided 2022 was the year to retire and pass his board seat to someone else.

“The overall success of the district is really due to the many dedicated professionals, administrators, teaching staff and support staff who have worked very hard to give Eastern the reputation it enjoys today,” DeCicco said during his  December retirement announcement.

“I’m sure Bob would appreciate my efficiency in this introduction,” Brown said as he introduced DeCicco during the naming ceremony. 

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for this wonderful honor,’’ said DeCicco, who was joined by his family. “I started to think back about the accomplishments we achieved (as a school) over the years, and at the top of the list would have to be the construction of the intermediate school … 

“Please note that I said “we,” as I was just one of nine very dedicated board members.”

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