Craft Closet offers people creative freedom at Deptford Library

Library’s new craft class emphasizes creativity

Deptford Free Public Library. The Deptford library’s new Craft Closet class is geared to the facility’s older demographic, those 16 and up. Its motto is, “We’ve got the stuff, you’ve got the imagination.”

The Deptford library will introduce a Craft Closet class that will take place on the fourth Monday of every month after its opening date of Feb. 27.

The class is a first for the library and its theme is, “We’ve got the stuff, you’ve got the imagination.”

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Craft Closet is a new program I’m having at the library,” said reference librarian Michelle Burns, who will oversee the classes. “… In my other craft program, held on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30, I have a specific craft and I provide the materials only for that artifact.

“Craft Closet is different,” she added. “For that, I’ll be emptying my craft closet of all the odds and ends I have, and people are encouraged to really be creative and make whatever they want.”

The Craft Closet is one of many arts and crafts programs the library offers to individuals with or without a library card, including the Lego Club, Family Craft Hour, Make-It Take-It and the Crafty Corner. Unlike those geared to kids, the Craft Closet classes are meant for the library’s older demographic, those 16 and up. Some materials and supplies will be available. 

“I have felt fabric yarn, buttons, different kinds of paper and all sorts of cool things that could be made into something wonderful,” Burns explained. “I’ll provide the materials and the space and the time. People only need to bring their imaginations.”

We’ll break out all the odds and ends in our craft closet,” as the library’s website describes Craft Closet. “Paints, paper, vinyl scraps, bits of fabric and whatever we have lying around. You will bring your imagination and create new and exciting pieces.”

Craft Closet classes are 11 a.m. to noon. For more information, check out the library’s website and Facebook pages.

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