Record-setting season for Burlington County Farmers market ends on Dec. 4

A dozen farmers and 34 crafters and artists will be selling crops, artwork and goods.

Special to The Sun: Shoppers visit the numerous farm stands, artisan crafters and food vendors at the Burlington County Agricultural Center’s first holiday farmers market on Nov. 20.

The Burlington County Farmers Market’s record-setting season is ending on a high note with unprecedented attendance at the first of the two holiday markets scheduled around the Thanksgiving holiday.

The first holiday market on Nov. 20 set a new record with more than 2,000 vehicles counted at the event, surpassing the 1,449 counted during the July 17 market.

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The final Dec. 4 market is poised to draw even more shoppers.

“Word has spread about the amazing varieties of crafts, foods, and produce that’s available at our market and the relaxing fun of shopping outdoors at what remains a working farm,” said Commissioner Director Felicia Hopson. “We’re thrilled by the market’s popularity and the boost it’s providing to famers and small business owners.”

The final holiday market will be held rain-or-shine on Dec. 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Burlington County Agricultural Center, 500 Centerton Road, Moorestown.

A dozen farmers and 34 crafters and artists will be selling crops, artwork and goods and there will also be 21 food vendors and a holiday cookie decorating class at the Agricultural Center’s Farmhouse Kitchen.  The Old Man Garage Band will also perform live music.

“Fresh cut flowers, holiday wreaths, craft beer, gifts, decorations and incredible foods can all be found at the market. Shoppers can check off an entire holiday list with one trip,” said Commissioner Linda Hynes. “It’s a family-friendly event that helps support our county’s farmers and small business vendors. It’s not to be missed.”

Hynes, who is the Board’s liaison to the Department of Resource Conservation and Parks, said the popular holiday markets often draw newcomers to the Agricultural Center, which was previously a 68-acre dairy farm before the County preserved the land in 2005.

A portion of the property continues to be leased for farming and the site also has community gardens and field plots maintained by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension. There is also a commercial kitchen used for County-sponsored cooking classes and other events.

“The Agricultural Center is one of the real jewels of our parks system. The farmers market may be its main attraction but there’s plenty else to see and experience,” said Hynes. “It’s a fantastic place and events like our holiday markets allow more people to discover it.”

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