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Letter to the Editor: A farewell to Starbucks

Empires rise and fall. Nothing is forever.

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The 41 East Main Street Starbucks Café, in Moorestown, which had been a fixture in town for 20 years, is now closed. As it steps into the past, it will be remembered as a special kind of a place where people from all walks of life gathered for coffee and small talk or for substantive discussions on a wide range of issues.

Above all, the cafe will be remembered for the friendliness, exuberance and uniqueness of its workers. For instance, who among us will not miss the multi-talented Vonelle Allocco who plays several musical instruments, makes her own recordings and, once a year, made coffee with the coffee beans produced by the coffee plant she grew in the store?

Founded in 1971, Starbucks is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain. One might surmise that, having survived the pandemic, the company will continue to thrive. However, its success as a chain doesn’t minimize the loss of the Starbucks Café to its customers and, more importantly, its potential impact on the livelihood of its workers.

The café was set in the historic Moorestown Trust Company building which was erected in 1926 and later became the site of Wrights Hardware store. Soon a new occupant will fill the café’s space. The building stands strong. It remains one of Moorestown’s historic treasures.

Monique Begg


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