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Clearview Latin Club wins big at 2021 state convention

Despite fewer members, the group takes 74 awards

Several In-person students showcase their awards after the National Latin Exam awards (Left to right) Raymond (RJ) Chappell, Vincent Fox, Zoe Miloszewski, Allison Higgins, Ciera Vanleer, Ethan Aiello, Rian Groody

Clearview High School Latin teacher Krystal Kubichek inherited the Clearview High School Latin Club three years ago hoping to mirror its previous successes.

The club helped with that by winning 74 awards at the first-ever multi-state New Jersey Junior Classical League Convention over two days in late April. 

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“Because of COVID, In a normal year, Clearview would typically get over 100 awards, so 74 awards to me is still amazing,” said Kubichek. 

In an annual summer convention that normally takes place in person at the end of July,   students competed virtually in 2020, giving speeches, performing dramatic interpretations and submitting paintings and 3D models. 

Kubichek also noted that before COVID, the Latin Club usually numbered about 100 students; this year, that number was only 35.

“We were very involved in the Junior Classical League and got the opportunity to win various awards and meet people from all over the state, which is quite an eye-opening experience, since our community is in its own sort of bubble,” said graduating senior Ishareet Sohal, who won advanced prose and silver Maxima Cum Laude awards at last year’s convention. 

During this year’s event, her school won awards for most active Latin Club and community service. But that wasn’t the most impressive thing the students achieved,  according to Kubichek.

“When they have been sitting all day on a computer for school, I think it’s pretty impressive that they are still willing to come to a virtual club meeting and participate in activities virtually,” Kubichek noted. 

She said club members found different ways to accomplish things this year despite COVID, like focusing on donations instead of physically giving out food. 

“Being a part of the Latin Club has built up my skills in leadership and teamwork tremendously, and my experiences in it have prepared me so well for all aspects of my college applications,” said senior Krystal Yearis. 

Yearis first heard about the Latin Club through her brother, and soon after, knew that she wanted to be a part of it.

“Some activities we had to put aside for this year, but then with COVID, we also explored new things,” Kubichek explained, including a virtual game night.

For a complete list of convention results and to learn more, visit www.njjcl.weebly.com



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