Craft fair fundraiser in Marlton to support purchase of K-9 vests

Event will be held at a private farm on May 8

Paulette Tamburro on her Aunt Dorothea Klamfoth and Uncle James Klamfoth’s private farm, with their seven horses, chickens, and pig on 130 Mill Road in Marlton (Isabella DiAmore/The Sun).

When Paulette Tamburro was diagnosed with breast cancer, she came home from the hospital with her 1-year-old English bulldog waiting at the door. Her puppy knew she was ill and laid across Tamburro’s chest to protect her.

From that moment, canines left a special mark on Tamburro’s heart. That led her to plan a craft fair fundraiser on May 8 whose proceeds will help fund the cost of protective vests for K-9s.

The event will be held at the Marlton farm belonging to Tamburro’s aunt and uncle, Dorothea and James Klamfoth. It will feature a mix of crafters and food vendors, as well as a Chinese auction. Money contributed from the community will go to the Vested Interest in K-9s nonprofit in Massachusetts.  

“I wanted to try to raise money for police canine dogs to get them vested with bulletproof and stab proof vests, and they aren’t readily available to them,”  Tamburro said.

The purpose of Vested Interest is not only to provide K-9 protection but also assistance to law enforcement canines and related agencies nationwide, according to the nonprofit’s mission statement. 

Tamburro will have more than 40 vendors at the craft fair who range from jewelry makers and crocheters to candle makers and bakers.

“One crafter is Hogs and Kisses, she sells homemade cookies for pigs and dogs. She’s based out of Hamilton and has only been able to be online,” Tamburro added.

Tamburro is well aware of organizations and events that took a hit because of  COVID, so she will require vendor entry fees for the fair. Besides shopping and eating, guests will have a range of activities, including some feeding of the Marlton farm’s animals.

“We will have carnival games; we have cotton candy, and popcorn,” Tamburro explained. “Anyone is free to come to walk around, pet the animals, feed them, shop, sit down and eat at one of the tents.”

The fair will also feature a DJ and vendors have each donated an item to sell for the Chinese auction.

“Each vendor donated something with a value of $25 and up for us to raffle tickets off or sell tickets,” Tamburro said. “And then people can walk around and put their tickets into a basket, and we’ll pull tickets out of the basket at the end to announce the winners.” 

Keeping COVID protocol in mind, Tamburro will have each table at the fair appropriately spaced, and portable bathrooms will be available.

The Marlton site of the craft fair fundraiser is 130 Mill Road. Hours will be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.