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Mayor’s Message: Navigating through the current pandemic

In his message to the township, Mayor Michael DiCroce explained the steps Shamong took to practice social distancing and the spread of community spirit.

Shamong Township Mayor Michael S. Di Croce speaking during the 91st annual Captain Emilio Carranza Memorial service held on Saturday, July 13 in Tabernacle (Photo from July 13, 2019).

Editor’s note: Data in the message regarding Shamong’s cases has been updated as of deadline.

I am saddened to report we have (six) cases of the coronavirus in our community. My thoughts and prayers go out to these families as they navigate through this illness.

The Shamong Township Committee and I encourage and support the platform of social distancing to ensure and protect the health, safety and welfare of our residents as together we take the necessary steps to overcome this unprecedented challenge.

Due to concerns about the coronavirus, we have temporarily closed our office to most “in person” transactions. We are still operating and open, with the township’s staff working remotely and we will be able to retrieve phone messages and emails. Please e-mail your questions or concerns and we respond to all e-mails ASAP. Check the township website, Shamong.net, and the Shamong Township Office of Emergency Management’s Facebook page for updates about public safety and COVID-19.

In order to preserve the continued functioning of local government while ensuring your ability to safely participate, we will hold all scheduled meetings of Shamong Township electronically via conference until further notice.

If you wish to participate in our public meetings, visit our website. Additionally, we have provided directions to access the conference call on our website.

You will be able to fully participate in the meeting, including providing public comment during the public portion of the meeting. We highly recommend you access and print out a copy of our agenda prior to the start of the meeting.

We ask your patience and understanding as we collectively work through this process.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the Indian Mills United Methodist, Crossroads Community, Shawnee Baptist and Holy Eucharist churches for their outreach and support of our neighbors who are in need at this time.

With so many people out of work and without an income, I am asking all of the families who still have a job and can put sufficient food on the table to make a donation to one of our local churches. In addition to supporting our friends in this way, may I also suggest you check on your neighbors and practice random acts of kindness during this challenging time. Let’s build on the community spirit which we have been nurturing.

I would also like to ask that you take extra precautions if you need to call Shamong EMS, fire, OEM or the State Police. Call 9-1-1 for any emergency and to expect operators to ask questions about any potential exposure, for the safety of our fire, EMS, State Police and OEM volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers for the fire department and EMS, so please consider this as a way that you can contribute.

Lastly, thank you for supporting our local businesses and restaurants, your efforts are really helping them and our local employees.

Shamong is great place to be. We realize this now more than ever as we have lots of open space, a safe community, neighbors that care about each other and clean fresh air. Let’s make our town even greater by caring for each other, now more than ever this is important and you really can make a difference in someone’s life who might be struggling with unemployment, fear and anxiety.

We are very lucky to be in Shamong, together we will get through this and the sun will come up tomorrow!

Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Mayor Michael DiCroce

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