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Letter to the Editor: Marianne Springer

Borough resident, affected by summer flooding, questions stormwater remediation plans.

To the Editor: 

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As we ate with friends and neighbors on New Years Eve, an article was shown to me that rocked my core.  

I felt there was no sensitivity to those who had to rebuild and those that are still without housing or improvements to Concord.  A “robust” plan has still NOT been shared with us, so I am really confused when I read that there is a plan to address stormwater. 

What is the plan? 

We are still waiting for the findings done by Princeton Hydro along with an analysis from Remington & Vernick. The dates have been pushed back almost three times.   

For now, the plan seems to be that we, those that live on Concord, have to not only remind the borough that we are still waiting for these updates, but we have to remind them to clean the area behind those houses near the impacted drainage area.  Currently, there is a fence that surrounds a hole that had a damaged grate. The grate had to be removed, but no permanent fixture replaced to address flooding considerations that have gone on for over 20 years.

I, also, am not sure why we needed to praise anyone as this is the responsibility of the Borough to address and to advise all those that are impacted and live on Concord and any other street impacted in the community.

Stormwater improvements have not been shared or remediated to address the storm of 2019 as it pertains to Concord Drive. The condemned home is a constant and visual reminder that we (on this block) are vulnerable to future stormwater catastrophes and the Borough should consider the outcome.

We are still here and waiting!

Marianne Springer

Haddonfield, N.J.


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