Palmyra’s unofficial election results

Palmyra's unofficial election results

The unofficial results are in. According to the Burlington County Board of Elections, in the race for the Mayor of Palmyra, Gina Ragomo Tait defeated Michelle Arnold. For the two seats on the Palmyra Borough Council, Bernadette Russell and Farrah Jenkins lead the race with approximately 30 percent of the votes for both of them.

For the three seats available for the Palmyra School District Board of Education, Kate Allen-Yoakum, Mark Andrew Russell and Laurie Beck currently lead the race with James Dickinson snagging the lone two year-unexpired seat. In the race for two open seats on the General Assembly for New Jersey’s seventh legislative district Herb Conaway (D) and Carol Murphy (D) each earned approximately 38 percent of the vote. Democrat Anthony Basantis won the County Sheriff seat with approximately 54 percent of the vote.

In the race for one open, full term seat on the Burlington County Freeholders Linda Hynes (D) emerged victorious having earned approximately 57 percent of the vote. While Daniel J. O’Connell (D) snagged the two year, unexpired term with the Burlington County Freeholders having earned 56 percent of the vote.

All results are unofficial as of Tuesday, Nov. 5 evening. Results remain unofficial until certified by the county Board of Elections