Committeewoman Julie DeLaurentis on Harrison Township communications

Committeewoman Julie DeLaurentis talks about communication initiatives that the township has been using to reach out to residents.

Our Township leadership has put great effort in making sure we are able to share
important information about our community. Information about community wide
events, Mullica Hill Business Association, traffic detours, and many other events that
are shared to keep all of our residents updated. Over the last couple of years, we
have initiated social media communications to help residents that are mobile. Most
people may not realize that besides our township webpage, we have a township
Facebook page, Township Recreation Facebook page and even an app for your
phone to quickly tap into our township webpage. All of these additions were
implemented to allow our residents and business owners the capability to be aware
of what is happening in our community. To further our communications objectives,
we have taken our Township Administrator’s email communications and developed
a partnership with 4SureFun Agency. This collaboration has allowed us to create a
digital version of this original email and implemented our weekly email publication,
Happenings in the Hill.

Happenings in the Hill email has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from
our residents. The e-news and activities email is part of the Township’s MULLICA
HI’LL CONNECT program and is intended to keep everyone more informed, support
our local businesses and bring the community closer together.

Every Thursday, Happenings in the Hill email gives concise, current information
about anything happening in our community. With approximately 3,900 people
connected, it is working! Since being distributed we have taken feedback to add,
change and modify content which has made the publication very successful. We
have the capability to get analytics on who opens and read content that helps our
ability to make sure we are fulfilling the needs of our residents.

175 years ago Harrison Township residents’ communication was mainly word of
mouth. People saw their neighbors routinely while going about their daily chores
such as picking up their mail at the post office. The telephone was just being
invented. Today we can enjoy the benefit of technology and receive an email, logon
to the internet to catch up on current events.

If you would like to receive Happening in the Hill, please go to and fill out the very short form.

If you would like to add or share information about an event, you can simply submit
an event and have it added to our Community Bulletin Board by going to

Thank you for allowing me to share the many communications that we have