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Mantua Township crime log, Sept. 11 to 18

The following are on file at the Mantua Township Police Department.

Sept. 11

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  • Units responded to Breakneck Rd. for low hanging wires in which the road needed to be shutdown until it could be repaired. Mantua Fire Police responded to assist
  • Officers participated in the annual 9/11 remembrance at Chestnut Branch Park and provided security to visiting dignitaries
  • Patrols responded to a hit and run crash that had occurred in Wenonah
  • Units responded to a crash on Glassboro in the area of Lambs Rd.
  • Officers assisted a motorist that had locked their keys in their vehicle while at their house
  • Patrols responded to Glassboro Rd. in the area of Route 55 for a crash
  • Units responded to an overdose with a 33-year-old male who had to be administered Narcan
  • Officers responded to a loitering complaint at the Wawa on Route 45 for subjects hanging out in their vehicles playing music

Sept. 12

  • Units responded to the same overdose as yesterday and the subject was administered Narcan again. The subject refused medical transport once he was conscious
  • Patrols responded to a minor crash in the parking lot of the super Wawa. Both parties agreed to handle it amongst themselves
  • Ptl. Donovan and his K9 partner, Boomer, visited the children at J. Mason Tomlin school
  • Officers responded to two loose dogs that were found running along Jefferson Rd.  Officers were able to learn where they were from and returned them back home
  • Units responded to the Telford Inn for a subject that was refused service and would not leave the establishment
  • Patrols responded to a crash on Center St. in the area of New St. One vehicle needed to be towed from the scene

Sept. 13

  • Officers from our department and the Prosecutor’s Office served a search warrant in the early morning hours
  • Ptl Mroz and his K9 partner, Zuke, assisted Deptford police on a car stop
  • Ptl Mroz and his partner assisted Deptford police with another vehicle sniff in which an arrest was made
  • Officers responded to the Court office and Municipal Building for a lady that was angry and causing a scene
  • Patrols responded to a neighbor complaint about a barking dog in Wenonah
  • Units took a theft report for a stolen wallet
  • Officers took a fraud complaint for a victim that gave money over the Internet
  • Officers assisted Pitman Police with an armed robbery
  • Patrols responded to a noise complaint just before midnight. It was a wedding and they agreed to keep the noise down

Sept. 14

  • Ptl. Mroz and his K9 partner, Zuke, searched Campbells Express after a burglar alarm activated
  • Officers conducted their monthly car seat safety event at the Mantua Fire Headquarters where the public can stop in without an appointment and make sure their child’s car seat is installed safely and correctly
  • Units responded to a domestic dispute and arrested a subject for outstanding warrants.  He was processed and released and given a transport to his job
  • Officers supervised community service workers who assisted at the Township’s shred event
  • Officers responded to a road rage incident where a driver almost struck two pedestrians and then stopped to yell at them
  • Officers charged a subject with harassment after they sent them harassing messages on their personal Facebook account after received a ticket from them
  • Units responded to a female that what is crisis and needed to go to the hospital after assaulting a family member
  • Patrols responded to a family disturbance for a mother that wanted her adult son removed as he was being disrespectful

Sept. 15

  • Units responded to a juvenile that was assaulted at a party in Harrison Township
  • Sgt. Herner responded to a vehicle that left Bogey’s at Pitman Golf Course after attending a wedding and drove into the golf course and crashed his vehicle. He was arrested for DUI
  • Units responded to a minor crash at the Home Depot
  • Patrols responded to a hit and run crash that had occurred at the Heritage store on Glassboro Rd.
  • Officers responded to the Barnsboro intersection as the traffic light was not functioning properly
  • Units assisted West Deptford Police with a hit and run crash for a vehicle that had struck a bicyclist and then fled the scene
  • Patrols responded to a hit and run crash at the Walgreens store for an elderly driver that had struck a parked car

Sept. 16

  • Units responded to a crash on Glassboro Rd. in the area of Tylers Mill Rd. in which both vehicles needed to be towed from the scene
  • Officers responded to a minor crash on Main St. in which the parties wanted to handle amongst themselves
  • Patrols responded to a neighbor complaint for one neighbor attempting to cut down trees on the other’s property
  • Units responded to a homeless man living in a neighbor’s shed
  • Patrols responded to the Gloucester County Christian School for a discipline issue that was decided to be handled internally at the school

Sept. 17

  • Patrols responded to a vehicle that was stolen from the Royal Oak development in which the homeowner was chasing the vehicle.  The vehicle was then spotted in Harrison Township speeding at a high rate of speed. The vehicle crashed and the driver fled from the area. Harrison Township then had a stolen vehicle reported close to the area of the crash. Detectives are still investigating
  • Ptl. Oldrati conducted a motor vehicle stop and arrested an occupant for drug related charges
  • Officers working a traffic detail had a backpack landscaping blower turned in to them that was found on the side of the road, most likely falling off a trailer
  • Units responded to another stolen vehicle, this time from the Bellemeade development that was stolen sometime overnight. The vehicle was located unoccupied in Winslow Township
  • Officers responded to a hit and run crash that occurred in the parking lot of the Dollar Tree in which a parked car was struck
  • Patrols took a vehicle burglary report in which an EZ Pass was stolen from inside an unlocked vehicle
  • Ptl. Oldrati conducted a motor vehicle stop and arrested the driver for warrants. He was processed and turned over to the jail

Sept. 18

  • Officers responded to a construction site for stolen construction equipment
  • Units came across an improper work zone on Center Street. Officers made the workers clear the roadway until the work zone could be set up safely
  • Patrols responded to a resident that was receiving harassing phone calls
  • Units responded to Peach County Tractor for stolen lawn equipment from a trailer on the property

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