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Letter to the Editor: Walter Weidenbacher

Borough resident recalls discourse with local gendarmes.

To the Editor,

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Reading in the Sun about recent police officer promotions, I recognized the name of Sergeant Stuart Holloway, which brought back memories of dealings I had with our police force more than a decade ago. And that recollection in turn reminded me of a letter I wrote here two years ago, almost to the day, regarding the then-promotion of Lieutenant Camiscioli. 

In that letter, I lauded Lt. Camiscioli for his exemplary police work that was “not less meaningful than several related episodes I witnessed (uncomfortably) involving other equally impressive officers in action. I salute them all.”

Sgt. Holloway was one of those impressive officers. Without telling the details, I want to say that I see his well-deserved promotion as one more pleasant proof that karma is real. What goes around comes around. And it shows that our police department is evidently promoting the right stuff.

Kudos stated, I must add that treasured police discretion has always played a key role in most of my encounters with Haddonfield police. Never is it more true that “discretion is the better part of valor” than when an officer of the law is dealing with an unfortunate family upset, which had been my situation. Sad to say, recent articles and hearsay cause me to wonder sometimes if that indispensable quality—police discretion—is all that it once was. I hope so. It’s everything.

Walter Weidenbacher 



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