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Local animal rescue providing pet food to South Jersey families affected by government shutdown

Cantor Scott’s Animal Rescue is lending a helping hand to families across the region in need of assistance.

As the government shutdown continues, many agencies and establishments are helping out those in need. Cantor Scott’s Animal Rescue in Cherry Hill wants to help, too.

Run by Cantor Scott Borsky and Corine Weinstein, their nonprofit 501c3 animal rescue and shelter is giving dog and cat food to any families in South Jersey currently not receiving a paycheck due to the government shutdown.

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“I believe we’re the only animal shelter in South Jersey that is providing this needed service, so I’d like folks to know.,” Borsky said. “The truth is, if families can not afford food for their own family members, they certainly can not afford for their pets — especially if they’re not receiving payments during the shutdown.”

“Currently, our animal rescue does work with many local food pantry’s to provide pet food for their clients. This shut down makes it even hard for many who own pets. So we’re just doing our part,” Borsky added.

For more information, contact Cantor Borsky at CantorSBorsky@gmail.com or (267) 971–8799.


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