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Letter to the Editor: Impact of vacant homes felt on Main Street

McGuire is in support of the township’s vacant home ordinance.

I read with interest the recent Sun article regarding Moorestown Town Council enforcing the abandoned and vacant home properties Ordinance №8–2015. I think it is a very good idea to enforce this rule because vacant properties bring down values in the neighboring properties, have a negative impact of the quality of life of adjacent property owners and discourage neighborhood stability and revitalization.

The stated purpose of Ordinance 8–2015 is “to protect the public safety, health and general welfare of the residents of Moorestown by establishing minimum standards governing appearance, condition and occupancy.” This ordinance also applies to non-residential premises. I was concerned about the many storefronts left empty and went to an Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) meeting in 2017. I asked EDAC why the ordinance was not being enforced to places like the old Peter Pan Gift shop building. I was told that the committee “did not want to ruffle any feathers.”

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For all the reasons listed regarding vacant properties, the impact felt on Main Street is very significant. This ordinance should be immediately enforced to vacant non-residential buildings. Please vote for a change in the November election of Moorestown Town Council. Nicole Gillespie and Brian Donnelly have made revitalizing Main Street and other business districts one of their priorities. They will take specific action to enforce existing ordinances that make sense and change old ordinances that are obsolete.

Annette McGuire


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