Letter to the Editor: Resident discusses voting ‘with own class’

Resident James Camilli offers some thoughts on this November’s election in this letter to the editor.

Note: This is a letter to the editor submitted by Cherry Hill resident James Camilli

You asked for some comments on Election Day, which is coming up on Nov. 6. Here’s some thoughts…

Experts who study such things know that Americans are severely deficient in two areas.

1.) Not enough people vote, and

2.) Americans have a long history of “voting against their own class interests.”

What does that mean? Here’s an example. I was in a dollar store recently and started chatting with a cashier. She told me she was a big fan of Donald Trump because, ‘The economy’s doing great,’ etc. Well, I didn’t have time to give her a reply, but…

There’s no way any ordinary working person — much less those who work for low wages — should be supporting a Republican multi-millionaire. Trump’s tariffs, for instance, are already hurting people by raising prices. And Republicans have a long and well-established history of opposing any changes that might benefit citizens more.

No, that cashier would do much better to join up with some group that represents her own class; “worker” (or “citizen”). Politics, after all, follows the same logic as military science; “there is strength in numbers.” The more soldiers in your army, the better your chances of success.

James Camilli