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Tabernacle native reflects on his ‘New Jersey Home’ in upcoming debut EP

Lee Langdon’s anticipated EP will feature five original songs.

Music has struck a chord in Lee Langdon since he was a child.

Growing up in an environment where music was always present — from his father’s involvement in a band to his mother’s singing around the house — Langdon knew this was a passion he could not ignore.

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After graduating from Shawnee High School in 1991, the Tabernacle native packed his bags and took off on his journey to Arkansas, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in performance from Harding University.

Following his undergraduate studies, Langdon was enrolled at Oklahoma Christian University to pursue his master’s degree where he met his wife Aime. After several moves, the pair settled down and continued to raise their four kids, Brittain, Keegan, Hayden and Makenna, in Norman, Okla.

Langdon spent many years as a youth minister, but his affection for music stayed the same, keeping him involved in the industry by leading worship for more than 20 years.

Pictured is Lee Langdon.

Now, Langdon feels this is the right time for him to fully explore his music career.

“All these years I’ve wanted to do it, but it just hasn’t been the right time. I feel like now it’s time, I’m ready for it,” Langdon said. “I feel like now I’ve got some things that I’m excited to bring to the world to help bring love and joy into people’s lives.”

His debut EP will feature five original songs: “Fall,” “New Jersey Home,” “Mason Dixon Line,” “Bright Yellow Pirate Boy” and “A Love Song.”

A common theme throughout his EP is getting his audience to understand what it means to live a life of love. Langdon said he wants people to discover real happiness and that stems from finding a true love in your family and your friends.

“Lee is a very loving person, he is a very genuine person, he’s fun — he’s never lost his sense of adventure and excitement for life,” Aime said. “Music is a passion that he’s had for as long as I’ve known him, and I feel that God has really gifted him in this area, this is a great opportunity for him to fulfill his potential. I hope he has the opportunity to record and share his music in a more professional way.”

“New Jersey Home” is a song reflective of his life in Tabernacle, the people who made him who he is and the parts of his hometown he misses the most.

Langdon said he misses the simple things, such as the pine trees and the beach, but most importantly he misses the realness of the people and the “New Jersey feel.”

“The song is reminiscing on my family and my friends and the people in my life who really influenced me growing up, my core group of people — then I started going around the country and living in other places, but New Jersey will always be my home,” Langdon said. “It’s always the place that is most special in my heart.”

To donate toward the recording, mastering and mixing, CD printing and design and marketing of the EP, visit www.leelangdon.com.


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