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Leuliette ‘granted’ chance at Rotary presidency

Grant Leuliette is the new president of the Moorestown Breakfast Rotary Club.

Founding President of the Moorestown Breakfast Rotary club President Dick Leuliette (right) passes the mantle of president to his son Grant Leuliette (left).

Nearly 30 years ago, Dick Leuliette helped create the Moorestown Breakfast Rotary Club and served as the club’s first president. This August, the Breakfast Club will come full circle as Leuliette’s son, Grant, is taking up the mantle having accepted the role of president for the upcoming year.

Born and raised in town, Grant is a fourth-generation Moorestown native. He grew up in the 1970s during a time when neighborhoods constituted your friends network. He played recreational sports and surrounded himself with a good group of friends. He said overall, Moorestown was just a great place to grow up.

Along the way, service has always been a strong underlying theme in Grant’s life. In his early years, he was a member of Boy Scout Troop 44 and eventually attained the rank of Eagle Scout. He was also a member of his church youth group at Trinity Episcopal Church.

He said his parents placed a strong emphasis on doing for others and community service. He said both his father and grandfather were volunteer firefighters in Moorestown, and he joined at the age of 18. Today, he serves as fire commissioner for Moorestown Fire District №1.

Grant and his wife Christine attended Moorestown High School at the same time. He said they operated in different social circles, but with time, he “wore her down.” They stayed in Moorestown and have been married for 25 years. Their son Kyle attends Rowan College at Burlington County, and their daughter Sarah is a rising junior at Moorestown High School.

Upon graduating from MHS, Grant attended Wilkes University for a time, but he ultimately decided it wasn’t the right fit. He returned home to work for his father’s business for four years and became a fourth-generation concrete pipe maker.

When the recession hit, Grant’s father liquidated the company, and he went to work as a custodian for the Moorestown Township School District for a time before finding his way to Atlantic Pacific Mortgage Corporation in Mount Laurel.

He said the transition to sales at Atlantic Pacific felt like a natural fit. While working at his father’s company, he helped negotiate contracts and joining the mortgage business didn’t feel that far off, Grant said.

In 1999, Grant joined the Rotary. He said his father had already been involved for 20 years by that point and had established the breakfast offshoot of the club. Grant said he quickly became immersed in the organization and joined various committees as he moved through the club’s ranks.

Over the years, Grant said the timing for him to become president was never quite right until now. He said, as president, his role is to stay in contact with his fellow district leaders and receive communications from Rotary International. He said, in essence, the president is the point person for the club ensuring all initiatives are running smoothly.

“You’re kind of like the mother hen keeping everybody together and kind of keeping your members informed and keeping that Rotary spirit going,” Grant said.

Christopher Chesner, district administrator for Fire District №1 and fellow Rotarian, said Grant brings strong leadership skills to the position. He said he anticipates Grant’s year in the position running smoothly.

“Grant is great at listening to people and taking everyone’s advice,” Chesner said. “I think he makes a sound decision with the information he has.”

Grant said he’ll help oversee the club’s initiatives this year as it raises funds for a variety of projects. He said what sets Moorestown’s Breakfast Club apart are the diverse groups of professionals who all have different outlets for helping and assisting others. He said from doctors, lawyers to politicians, the group is comprised of a blend of people from different backgrounds focused on the same goal: helping people.

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