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Sun Editorial: Send your best suggestions for how to celebrate National New Jersey Day on July 27

Send them to our email address, and do it soon.

By Alan Bauer
The Sun

Once Independence Day is over, don’t get out of the partying mood. Another huge celebration is right around the corner: National New Jersey Day on July 27.

What is National New Jersey Day? Glad you asked, but we don’t really have an answer. All we know is that an outfit called the National Day Calendar has proclaimed it so.

Why is it in July instead of December, the month New Jersey joined the union? Apparently, the group established various state days based on the order they joined and scheduled them for after July 4. Anyway, July is a much better month for a party than December, especially if your National New Jersey shindig will take place outside.

The big question, of course, is how to properly celebrate the day. One suggestion: Hold a conversation with someone on an elevator while downing a creme brulee and sipping scotch, as July 27 is also National Scotch Day, National Creme Brulee Day and National Talk in an Elevator Day, according to the calendar folks.

But none of those are really all that unique to the state.

And we’d suggest getting stuck in traffic, but happens pretty much every day.

No, we need some unique activities with a Jersey tie to get this party started.

Some ideas: eat at a diner, listen to Springsteen (always a good idea), play a game of Monopoly to honor streets in Atlantic City, pay tribute to the first baseball game ever by playing catch, fill up your gas tank and enjoy the perks of having someone else do the actual pumping, or listen to a record after turning off a light and watching a movie to honor Mr. Edison.

No doubt you have ideas of your own, and we want to hear them. Send them to our email address at news@mtlaurelsun.com and do it soon. The 27th will be here before we know it and we need all the good ideas we can get.

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