Weekly Roundup: New dog ordinance and Haddonfield’s Historical Society top this week’s stories

Catch up on the biggest stories in Haddonfield this week.

Haddonfield residents enjoying the candy and costumes at the Haddonfield Halloween Parade

Haddonfield issues an ordiance that hold dog owners responsibe for the misconduct of their dogs and Haddonfield’s Historic Society opens a new temporary exhibit. Catch up on everything from the past week in the Weekly Roundup.

Haddonfield is exploring new territory by introducing an ordinance that holds dog owners responsible for the misconduct of their pets. Such an ordinance has not been implemented in any of the neighboring towns. An ordinance was passed on first reading at a recent commissioners meeting that presents penalties for pet owners who allow their dogs to trespass, damages property, injure others, excessively bark and/or become an overall nuisance in the community. A third offense of anything short of threatening or injuring someone will result in being declared an “irresponsible dog owner.” In addition to fines and penalties, an irresponsible dog owner will be limited to owning or “harboring” dogs in the borough for anywhere between six months to five years. The duration of time for these penalties is determined by the court.

Haddonfield residents are invited this month to step back 100 years to World War I and see original uniforms and rare memorabilia from the war. The Historical Society of Haddonfield is housing a new, temporary exhibit, “The First World War — Haddonfield and Abroad,” through Dec 8. Some of the features in the exhibit include a 48-star American flag that was flown at “Birdwood,” home of the Gov. Alfred Driscoll. The collection also includes five medals belonging to Haddonfield war hero Walter G. Long, including a Purple Heart and much more.

At the Haddonfield strategic planning meeting, residents shared thoughts on “branding” Haddonfield and promoting economic growth by attracting viable businesses to the downtown area. Residents suggested Haddonfield could also benefit from installing a better drainage system for flooding or find ways to hold homeowners responsible from discharging water into the road through broken sump pumps. Despite some issues, residents overall spoke positively about the services Haddonfield offers and said they were pleased with the activities and community involvement that takes place in town.