Carli Lloyd dedicates latest FIFA Award to Medford Strikers and Universal Soccer Academy students

Soccer Star won the FIFA World Player of the Year Award for second year in a row

The young players of Medford Strikers SC and the students of Universal Soccer Academy are receiving an honor that very few people in the world can claim. Carli Lloyd, who recently received her second consecutive FIFA World Player of the Year trophy has announced that she is dedicating her latest award to them.

Over the years as she has played with the U.S. Women’s National Team and several professional teams, Carli has joined into training with the Medford Strikers players at their training facilities in Medford, New Jersey. Likewise, training with her personal coach, James Galanis, Director of Soccer Operations at Universal Soccer Academy, has given her the opportunity to practice with the students of the Academy based in South Jersey. Carli is dedicating this award to all of the Striker players and Universal students that have made her feel welcome and have given her a place to play and hone her skills when home in South Jersey.

The players and students at the Medford Strikers SC and Universal Soccer Academy are extremely honored by this dedication and very proud that Carli Lloyd is “one of us.”

Carli Lloyd on why she is dedicating the award to the children of the Medford Strikers Soccer Club and Universal Soccer Academy:

“I owe a lot to the kids from Medford Strikers and Universal. I have always been able to come home and hop into their practices, giving me a realistic environment and helping me continuously improve my game.”

Carli Lloyd on growing up playing for the Medford Strikers and still being active in the Medford Strikers community:

“This place is home for me. I’m proud to have played for this Club and being able to still train on the fields I grew up playing at has a special feeling to it.”

Carli Lloyd on working with Coach James Galanis for the past 14 years at Universal Soccer Academy where she has joined in on hundreds of classes and camps:

“It’s been nice to be able to work on my skills with James and then slide right into camps and clock in more hours to improve my game.”

Pauline Bicking, parent of Medford Striker Academy Girls player and Universal student, on how Carli Lloyd’s presence at trainings is appreciated by the parents and influences the players to work harder:

“Carli encourages every player from U8-U18 with her passion, dedication and her hard work ethic. She leads by example, showing what it takes to ‘empty the tank’ and never give up. Her competitiveness motivates my daughter, Allison, to work harder than the day before, to better herself on and off the field.”

Nikki Dedes, 12, Medford Strikers Scream player and Universal Soccer Academy student, on why Carli’s dedication of the FIFA award to the players is not surprising, but typical “Carli”:

“When I first came to the Strikers and Universal, I knew I would see Carli. She’s my favorite player and role model and I was pretty star-struck. But then I realized she is really nice and doesn’t act like a celebrity. She’s friendly, but she’s here to work hard. She’s just one of us when she’s at training.”