On Campus: Washington Township residents graduate from college, make dean’s list

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Kenneth Phillips was named to the Becker College fall dean’s list.

Troy Darpino and Brandon Clegg were named to the fall dean’s list at Delaware Valley University.

The University of Alabama named Julianna Marie Messineo, Calie Anna Meintel, Julianna Mia Petrongolo and Meghan E. Custer to the fall dean’s list and Noah Corn to the fall president’s list.

Brandon Cusumano, Joseph Horch, Ryan Meehan and Anna Panto were named to Seton Hall University’s fall dean’s list.

Ashley McGinn was named to the dean’s list of Georgia State University for the fall semester.

Danielle Esposito and Kylie Finnigan were named to the fall dean’s list at Hofstra University

Zachary Astore, Barbara Barron, Brooke Braddock, Austin Bythrow, Paula Cava, Brooke Chisholm, Jenna Contrevo, Gabrielle Daisey, Brionna Davis, Lauren Farmer, Jenna Garten, Rachel Hatch, Kristy Henner, Patrick Hiester, Donald Koch, Steven Kreh, Ian Mitchell, Cassandra Moy, Chelsea Peiffer, Samantha Phillips, Nam Phuong. Mikehla Pleskonko, Natalie Quindlen, Tiffany Scarduzio, Eric Schenke, Christine Sonsini, Brianna Squilla, Alyssa Ungrue, Courtney Vander Pyl, Paul Vento, and Della Xu were named to the University of the Sciences’ fall semester dean’s list.

Nathan Rhoads graduated from Albright College with a bachelor’s of science degree in business administration and digital media.

Alvernia University awarded Presidential Scholarships to Katherine Danovich to study nursing and Natalie Burns to study health care science, and a Trustee’s Scholarship to Cassandra Hickman to study occupational therapy.