Comcast adds Xfinity wi-fi hotspots in Cherry Hill region

The company recently completed the installation of more than 170 new Xifinity Wi-Fi outdoor hot spots in the region.

Cherry Hill residents can now access the internet from even more public places than before thanks to Comcast’s recent wi-fi expansion in the area.

Comcast recently completed installation of more than 170 new Xfinity wi-fi outdoor hotspots in the Cherry Hill region over the past nine months. The addition of these outdoor hotspots near parks, shopping and dining destinations, government offices and other vibrant areas complements Comcast’s 15 million existing outdoor, residential and business hotspots across the nation. Most Xfinity Internet customers can access the hotspots at no cost.

“As we continue to invest in our wi-fi network, we are bringing residents in and around the Cherry Hill region new levels of connectivity and convenience,” said Jim Samaha, senior vice president of Comcast’s Freedom Region, which serves Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey and northern Delaware.

Access points include multiple locations in in busy shopping corridors near the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 73. Hotspots were added to areas customers will use while running errands or enjoying outdoor venues.

Customers can access Xfinity wi-fi hotspots by selecting “xfinitywifi” from the list of available networks on their laptops or mobile devices and following the on screen prompts. Customers can also download to Xfinity wi-fi app to automatically connect to hot spots within range. After signing in for the first time, customers will automatically connect to any wi-fi hotspot in the future.