Fugitive arrested in Cherry Hill after brief standoff with police

The following information was provided by the Camden County Sheriff’s Department.

On July 7 at 8:45 a.m. members of the Camden County Sheriff’s Special Investigation Unit received information about a 30-year-old male fugitive. staying in Cherry Hill. The fugitive was wanted in Union County on a sentencing warrant for unlawful possession of weapons and resisting arrest and was believed to be staying at the Feather Nest Inn adjacent to Route 38.

Officers spotted him in the motel and ordered him to come out of the building. The suspect refused to surrender to the officers and started to barricade himself and his partner in the room. Officers on the scene then contacted the Camden County Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team and the Cherry Hill Police Department. Once officers arrived at the scene there was a brief standoff, but negotiators on site worked to complete a safe surrender. The fugitive’s partner was also secured without incident.

“This multi-pronged effort by several units of the Sheriff’s Department and the Cherry Hill Police Department got a guy off the street that was wanted in other jurisdictions for serious crimes,” said Camden County Sheriff Charles H. Billingham. “This was a true team effort and everyone executed their tasks flawlessly getting the suspect into custody in a timely manner and without a hitch.”

He was arrested and charged with an additional count of resisting arrest by the Camden County Sheriff’s Department on top of his current sentencing warrant that includes an eight-year sentence in state prison. He was remanded to the county jail with bail set at $75,000 cash.