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Camden County Technical Schools offering new academy program

In September, the Camden County Technical Schools will provide their students with an opportunity to participate in a four-year high school based law and public safety academy. The new curriculum will produce graduates who exhibit competencies relevant to career and higher education opportunities in the fields of law, criminal justice, fire, emergency medical and other related careers.

Designed to align with the formation of the newly established Camden County Police Department, Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr. and the Freeholder Board worked with public safety executives and technical school administrators to offer this opportunity to area students. Camden County College Police and Fire Academy professionals were brought in to build important partnerships and construct an unprecedented opportunity for students.

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“This will be a historic initiative that will allow students to follow career paths in public safety when they enter high schools,” Cappelli said. “No one ever tells students in high school, and for that matter, college what the best track is to become a police officer, sheriff’s officer or investigator in the prosecutor’s office. Now kids will be given the right track to become public servants protecting our community from the professionals in the field.”

The Camden County Police Department’s Metro Division will be made up of a combination of 401 police officers and 110 civilian support staff. These positions, and openings across Camden County, can someday be filled by graduates of the Camden County Technical School and the other public schools that implement this new course structure into their institutions.

“High school students enrolled in the Law and Public Safety Academy will obtain the foundation they need to pursue job opportunities in various areas of public safety upon their graduation,” Camden Mayor Dana Redd said. “This opens a world of opportunity for students in Camden City looking to make a difference in their own communities.”

Through a partnership with Camden County College, students in the program will be given the opportunity to earn college credit through articulation agreements with various courses in the program, as well as dual enrollment in college courses taught in partnership with various related college departments.

“The unique partnership that exists between the Technical School and the College offers students the opportunity to earn college credits before they graduate high school, creating a natural transition to several degree options,” said Freeholder Ian Leonard, liaison to the Camden County Technical School and Camden County College. “The combined resources of these two institutions will greatly benefit the students in this program.”

The Camden County Academy of Law and Public Safety will offer career tracks in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Fire Science, Emergency Medical and Legal Services.

“The new public safety curriculum that will be offered through the Camden County Technical School this fall will provide a wonderful head start to students interested in a law enforcement career,” Camden City Council President Frank Moran said. “There are many Camden youth who are interested in law enforcement careers and would definitely take advantage of earning college credits before even graduating high school through this new course.”

Academy of Law and Public Safety students will also receive opportunities for structured learning opportunities and internships. Students will be offered external exploration experiences in the Camden County Police Department, Prosecutors Office, Communications Center, Police Academy, Fire Training Academy, Sherriff’s Office and Department of Corrections.

“This new curriculum will basically create a feeder system for the Camden County Police Department and every other law enforcement agency in the County. It will produce individuals who want to serve and protect our community and give them a direct roadmap to do it,” Cappelli said. “While enrolled in the academy, students can obtain practical experience in agencies and departments in Camden County. These same agencies could be where these individuals find employment after graduating from the program.”

The Camden County Technical School’s Academy of Law and Public Safety will also address the nationwide increase in demand for these types of positions. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the area of policing, corrections and emergency medical services are expected to grow faster than average. They project greater labor demand for fire fighters, detectives, investigators, probation officers and correctional treatment specialists, as well as security guards and gaming surveillance officers.

“Camden County College takes pride in the increasing number of career-ladder partnerships it has developed in recent years, including one in nursing that starts with certified nurse aide and rises through registered nurse through to master’s degrees in nursing,” Camden County College President Raymond Yannuzzi said. “The Camden County Technical Schools Law and Public Safety Academy will now provide a beginning, pre-college step to the public safety sequences that we have long offered to those seeking police academy training and/or academic studies in criminal justice, paramedic science, fire science and other related disciplines.”

The program will be offered at both the Pennsauken and Gloucester Township campuses of the technical schools and current eighth graders who are Camden County residents may apply for admission. The program has already attracted attention and interest, and slots for admission to the program are filling rapidly. Parents of eighth graders who are interested in learning more about the program can contact the admissions office at (856) 767–7000, ext. 5415.


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