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Black ice plays role in accident

A State Park police officer overturned his vehicle in the area of Atsion Road at Willow Grove Road and landed in nearby marsh at 11:07 p.m. on Feb. 19.

The officer called state police indicating he was in distress, according to state Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Larry Ragonese.

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The park police officer hit black ice, causing him to lose control of the car. The car landed in marshland surrounded by approximately two to three feet of water, according to Ragonese.

In addition to state troopers, a rescue team was dispatched. The DEP did not release the driver’s name.

Red Lion Troopers attempted to remove the driver of the car, which appeared to be taking on water, according to officials.

“When he overturned and was waiting for help, water was not filling the car. He was cold because it was a cold night, but the car did not take on water while he was in it. He was not in jeopardy,” Ragonese said. According to the report, troopers proceeded to extricate the driver with the use of the “halligan tool.”

The use of the tool broke the windows and then resulted in the car taking on water, according to Ragonese. The park officer was removed from the vehicle, prior to the interior of the vehicle flooding. The driver of the car was transported to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Hammonton for treatment.

“He was just checked out. There are no injuries to report,” Ragonese said.

The vehicle sustained damage to the driver’s side door and broken windows, enough to put the car out of commission. The DEP does not have plans to immediately replace the vehicle.

Shamong Township sanded and salted the area for drivers to proceed in the area safely.

“He appreciated the help of the rescue team and state police,” Ragonese said.

The officer returned to work the following day.


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