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LETTER: Appeal rights should be preserved

I am a resident of Cherry Hill for more than 25 years.

The town council is the elected body responsible for protecting the rights of the citizens of Cherry Hill. The zoning board of adjustment is a politically appointed body responsible for following the rules and the law when it comes to zoning matters.

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When the ZBA violates these rules and laws so dramatically as to cause a significantly sized group of residents to oppose its action, our elected officials on the council must act as the check and balance for such actions.

Historically, appeals of this nature are rare. That fact is all the more reason that when an appeal occurs, it must be recognized as a serious matter and the council should review the actions of the appointed board.

An effort to deprive the citizens of a review by elected officials must be viewed with suspicion.

To then pull that effort from a published agenda at the last minute is even more confounding.

If this matter had been under consideration for months and months what could possibly have happened to cause it to be pulled from the agenda at the eleventh hour?

One should not be left to ponder. One should have appeal rights preserved.

W. Michael Mulvey


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