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About Medford Voices

About Medford Voices

The community web site “Medford, NJ Voices” has a new feature. It is a sex advice column written by a local housewife “Talia Slate.” Ms. Slate is using a pseudonym for now to protect her identity within the Medford Township. The column is called “Voices of Love” and can be found on the front page of the web site: http://www.medfordnjvoices.com. The initial column goes into some detail on the matters of female arousal during the love act.

While Medford is a conservative “Normal Rockwell” type of town, since the column was published on October 21st we have had considerable more “hits” to the web site, even as far as the UK and South Korea. The plan for the column is to be updated about once a month and to take on the form of a “Dear Abbey” style column with Q’s and A’s on relationship and sexual matters. Her email is: Love@MedfordNJVoices.com.

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About Medford, NJ Voices

Voices started in March by Bill Tanski as a Facebook page. It was in response to a successful on line petition which raised concerns about proposed changes in local trash pickup. Within six months, the Facebook page has become the dominant community social media outlet within the Medford Township. It now totals over 1,000 members. In September, the web site “Medford Voices NJ” was launched to further service our area. All advertising profits will revert back to the community.

The mission of Medford Voices will always be to provide an outlet for its residents to “Voice” their views about the township and for our merchants to promote their local businesses within the community.


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