Shamong Township: emergency shelter

As hurricane Sandy threatens our area and could cause potential downed trees, loss of power, etc. we trust all residents have or are making final preparations to secure outside furniture, trash cans, grills, swing sets, etc. to prevent them from being “tossed” in the wind and causing other damage.

As the many news casts are predicting, if you loose power you should plan to be without power for several days dependent upon the severity of the storm. If you are considering leaving the area, leave now. If you are staying home, once the storm starts, stay put. Do not leave your place of shelter unless the shelter becomes damaged and is uninhabitable.

You should have a supply of fresh batteries for flashlights and radio for several days. If you plan to use candles, be very fire conscious. If you plan to use a generator, make sure you have an adequate fuel supply and do not run the engine inside your home. The exhaust fumes will kill you.

Make sure your car has a full gas tank. Have extra cash on hand because banks and ATM’s could also experience power failure and will not work for you. You should have a 3 day supply of drinking water available for each person. It is recommended to have one gallon of drinking water available per day for each person. Fill up your bath tub with water for personal hygiene and to flush toilets. Have enough canned or non-perishable food for at least three days. Be sure to place plastic bags of water into your freezer for added cooling ability to prevent food spoilage in case of power failure. Be sure gutters, down spouts and storm drains are clear of leaves and debris.

If you decide to go to a shelter, the closest regional shelter that is open and staffed by the Red Cross and medical professionals is
the Chairville Elementary School located at 36 Chairville Road in Medford.

Shamong Township will open an area Shelter at the Indian Mills Memorial School located at 295 Indian Mills Road. This shelter will be able to provide limited services. Please bring blankets, pillows, etc. for your comfort at this facility. The facility will open at 9 a.m. on Monday morning.

If you need more services such as medical assistance or pet shelter, please go to the Red Cross Shelter at the Chairville Elementary School.

If you need emergency assistance, call 9–1–1. This number is for extreme emergencies only.