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Shelley Adler announces bid for Congress seat

Shelley Adler announces bid for Congress seat

Shelley Adler said her life took a significant turn when her husband, former U.S. Rep. and state Sen. John Adler died last year from complications stemming from a bacterial staph endocarditis infection he contracted.

The Cherry Hill mother of four and attorney announced on March 20 she was ready to take on Republican Rep. Jon Runyan for her husband’s former 3rd Congressional District seat in the United States House of Representatives.

In her remarks to the public, Adler said she wasn’t always poised for a position in public office, but has come to realize her passion for serving others.

“Up until just a few short months ago, when the world my sons and I knew changed forever, I never expected I would one day be standing here before you as a candidate for Congress. Public office has not been a lifelong ambition. And I would give anything if it could be John standing here again,” Adler said.

Previously, Shelley served on the Cherry Hill Township Council from 2004 to 2009. Adler said her dedication to advocacy outweighs her political experience at this point, but is confident she can have a positive impact on Washington government.

“This is all a little new to me. But I learned from the best teacher I could ever have hoped to have had,” Adler said. “The most important lesson was to listen. And over the past weeks and months, I’ve had so many people share with me their struggles, their frustrations and their hopes.”

In her remarks, Adler pledged to fight for middle class families, senior citizens, women, veterans and small businesses.

“I’ve had so many people share with me their struggles, their frustrations and their hopes. Finding a job in this economy is still hard and listening to Washington is virtually unbearable,” Adler said. “But there is still a fervent hope and belief that things will get better, if we’re able to restore the idea that Congress should be finding solutions, rather than picking fights.”

Adler made it clear that her opinions on healthcare, the economy and veterans’ affairs are a departure from Runyan’s, a Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle­-turned Congressman, who defeated her husband John in 2010.

“Just like life, elections are about choices. And there will be a clear choice in this campaign between Mr. Runyan and myself. In the name of fiscal conservatism, Jon Runyan voted to eliminate Medicare,” Adler said. “That’s not fiscal conservatism. That’s fiscal delusion that hurts middle class families, children, seniors, women and small businesses. It hurts everyone but himself and his special interest friends. And it’s wrong.”

Adler said she is determined to use her campaign and quest for the Congressional seat to make New Jersey a better place to live.

“And I will hold Congressman Runyan accountable for his votes and his politics. He shouldn’t underestimate the determination of a PTA mom. And he will soon see that I am going to offer the people a very clear choice,” Adler said. “In the end, this campaign is not for me. And it’s not for John. It’s for you, the people of New Jersey who deserve better in Congress, and better from their government.”

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