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New signs coming to Medford

There is an urban myth that there is no parking in historic Medford Village.

But it’s not true according to Joe Maggelet, who has owned several properties in the village since 1985.

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The problem is signage.

While the present signs may be attractive and blend in, they are difficult to see.

Therefore, Maggelet has spearheaded a campaign to place universally recognizable signs in the village.

“There’s always been parking in the village,” he said. “There is plenty of parking.”

Maggelet got involved with Medford’s Economic Development Commission (EDC). This group is comprised of township representative Beth Portocalis and five active volunteers.

He said there are three EDC reports going back to 2002 recommending changing signs but nobody did anything to address the issue.

Maggelet said Cranberry Hall alone has lots of spaces available.

“I just said it’s time to do something,” he said. “Nobody seems to want to do anything around here, they talk about it but there’s no action.”

Maggelet said he noticed signs in other historic places like Haddonfield and Cape May Courthouse.

A total of 17 signs costing $1,100 were paid for by a slew of donors, which include:

Medford Sunrise Rotary; Chris Miles, CEO — Miles Technologies; Historic Medford Village Association (HMVA); Medford Arts Center (MAC); Medford Business Association (MBA); Granny Greer & Friends Country Furniture, 38 South Main St; Village Treasures Antiques, 26 South Main St; Dr. Brett A. Wartenberg, DC PA, Chair — Medford Economic Development Commission; Medford Cemetery Association, Inc.- Park View Cemetery at Historic Medford Village and Park View Cemetery at Kirby’s Mill — opening soon; Gary F Woodend & Associates, attorney, 5 N. Main St., Ste C; and Joe Maggelet.

“A parking sign is a traffic sign,” Maggelet said. “It’s not a branding sign.”

He said Medford has more free parking than Haddonfield and Moorestown.

Maggelet said he wants to have all 17 signs up before the Medford Works! event planned for Oct. 15.

On that day, from noon to 4 p.m., street vendors will have displays and sales along Main Street.

Also, in a series of simultaneous open houses, historic buildings located on Medford’s historic Main Street, currently vacant and awaiting new owners/tenants, will be will be open for prospective buyers to visit.

Main Street businesses and restaurants will be open to serve event visitors.

Music, entertainment, artist displays and other festivities will be provided by Medford-based entertainers.

A Family Fun Center will be located by the gazebo with activities and entertainment suitable for the whole family.


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