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“Medford Celebrates” gearing up for spring events, ready to “Save the Fireworks”

Residents have come forward to establish the non-profit Medford Celebrates, Inc. Foundation and serve as its initial board of trustees.

The officers of the foundation, who were elected by the group, are President Robert Egan, First Vice President Karen Finger, Second Vice President Nancy Flynn, Secretary Janet Jackson Gould, and Treasurer Suzanne Kaufman.

The Foundation was established in the face of the budgetary shortfalls and cut backs that have affected municipalities everywhere, including Medford. Its purpose is to raise funds and public support for major Medford Township public events that require township services.

“Our principal immediate goal is to raise the money needed to restore the Medford Independence Day Celebration and fireworks display as soon as we can.” Egan said. “Success is far from certain, but we have a core group of dedicated volunteers who are ready to launch a ‘Save the Fireworks’ campaign and other parallel fund-raising efforts. We are going to need a good bit of public support, contributions and additional volunteers to make things happen by July of this year and each following year.”

Assuming success in restoring the Independence Day festivities, the Foundation will also help prevent other events from being discontinued.

“These events are part of the fabric of Medford. Given the large number of residents, as well as people from other towns, who expressed their disappointment that the fireworks couldn’t be held in 2010, I would hope that the foundation will get a lot of financial support,” Recreation Director Beth Portocalis said.

The Foundation has applied for IRS 501©(3) status, which provides donors with income tax deductions for their contributions.

The Foundation intends to develop a mix of fundraising strategies that complement those of current Medford nonprofit events and organizations.

Check back for information about events the foundation has already coordinated.

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