Unique cuisine coming

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Haddonfield Sun
The smell of curry will soon be wafting through the streets of the borough.
Haddonfield is set to introduce its first-ever Indian restaurants in mid-to-late September.
Retail Coordinator Lisa Hurd revealed that restaurateurs have tabbed the borough for the location of a Cross Culture restaurant, which specializes in Northern Indian cuisine.
Cross Culture will be the first Indian food restaurant in the borough, according to Hurd.
“It’s a nice restaurant to add to our mix of restaurants,” she said. “We’re excited about them opening soon.”
Hurd described the new owners as “seasoned operators” in the restaurant business.
This will be the owners’ third restaurant.
Serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for eat-in and take-out, the restaurant’s Web site describes the cuisine as, “Indian haute cuisine made from the finest and freshest ingredients.”
The restaurant did not receive a fit out grant, according to Hurd. The Partnership for Haddonfield offers up to $75,000 in fit out grants for new restaurants looking to open new locations within the borough.
“The owners didn’t request any type of fit out grant,” Hurd said. “I’m excited. The owners seem to really understand what needs to happen and be done to make a restaurant successful. I have every confidence they will be successful in the future.”
See this week’s print edition of The Sun for the full story.

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