Soon, school supplies will be in high demand

By AUBRIE GEORGE | The Haddonfield Sun
Like it or not, homework time is right around the corner.
Pretty soon, life for the average Haddonfield student will once again be about teachers, tests, textbooks and school projects.
But as painful as it might be for kids to think about leaving the sun and relaxation of summer behind, being prepared with the right school supplies for the first day of school may make it a little less painful all around.
Specific back-to-school supplies that are required for each student vary by grade levels and classes, so students should be on the lookout out for lists that have already been or soon will be issued by their Individual schools and teachers.
Students will be informed about what exactly they’ll need through lists distributed through the mail, e-mail or posted on their school or teacher’s Web sites.
Keeping in mind that this is the time of year when the aisles at your local office supply stores start to become rather bare, experts at Staples and Target offered their advice on a few items and gadgets that most kids might find useful this school year.
No matter what age, students are going to need a new backpack, experts said.
Target and Staples carry a wide selection of backpacks that allow students to carry their books with some extra room for other essentials such as laptops.
Staples experts say to look for bags with multi-functional compartments in bold colors, designs and prints.
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