Circle construction begins

By AUBRIE GEORGE | The Marlton Telegram

Although the entire Marlton Circle Elimination project will take more than two years to complete, there have been notable changes made to the roadways and surrounding sites since construction began in April.

As of mid-May, workers had begun clearing areas of trees and sidewalks for the construction of ramps that will allow traffic to flow, while an overpass that will take Route 73 over Route 70 is being constructed.

After the areas are cleared, workers will begin constructing the ramps at several points on the roadways, including a ramp from Route 73 to Route 70 west and a ramp from Route 70 to West Main Street, according to the NJDOT’s Marlton Circle Web site.

Clearing has also begun for jug handles, which will provide access from southbound lanes of Route 73 to Route 70.

Workers have begun to clear areas for the installation of drainage basins adjacent to the Marlton Greene Shopping Center and adjacent to Friendly’s Restaurant. Drainage outfalls have been constructed along southboundlanes of Route 73, DOT officials said.

Elimination of the circle will be done in three stages, the first scheduled to last until December of this year.

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