Seventh graders get down to business

By AUBRIE GEORGE | The Marlton Telegram

A sea of sixth-grade students swarmed into the Marlton Middle School industrial science classroom, navigating their way through five display tables lined with baked goods.

There were signs advertising the catchy names of five different food products packaged in eye-catching design.

Anxious seventh graders hoped the work they had done on their semester-long business project was enough to tempt the sixth graders to spend a lot of fake money.

After several minutes of browsing, the tables were cleared as the sixth-graders trotted off with Crazy Coco Circus Cookies, Cookie Cake Cows, Bouncing Beach Ball Brownies, Krazy 80s Brownies and Crazi Critters they had purchased.

The event was the culmination of Marlton Middle School’s Company Day — a cooperative business project conducted between the family and consumer science classes and the applied design and technology classes to teach students how businesses are run.

Students were engaged in the process of bringing a product from inception to market while serving an essential role in an imaginary company.

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