Citizen crime-fighters

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Cherry Hill Sun

A public meeting between the township’s community policing unit and various residents last week helped to improve communication between Cherry Hill neighborhoods and the police department.
The community-policing unit met with about 45 members of the public last week to discuss crime-fighting tips and encourage a greater relationship with the township’s different neighborhoods. Cherry Hill Communications Officer John Moyer said the meeting was a success and the attendants seemed to take a good deal away from the event.
The department is hoping to organize several smaller meetings throughout the summer with different neighborhood groups, Moyer said. A larger, more involved meeting with the entire township will likely take place after the summer as well.
Community policing is all about keeping the public informed and raising awareness about crime prevention, Moyer said. The officer told the audience what the police department looks for when they ask the public to describe a suspicious character and the correct way to identify a motor vehicle.
Those small tips, he said, help the department immensely during an investigation.
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