More township budget cuts to come?

By AUBRIE GEORGE | The Moorestown Sun

The workshops may be over, but Council is still considering more cuts to its $24 million budget.

Council ended its fifth and final budget workshop last Monday, by sparing six township positions — at least until its May 18 meeting, where the budget was scheduled to be formally introduced.

Council members do not expect the budget to conform with state laws that mandate how much a municipality’s budget appropriations and tax levy can increase over the previous year.

Before last week’s meeting, Council had identified $600,000 in reductions to the original budget.

At earlier workshops, Council proposed eliminating two positions under the township’s Department of Public Works Shade Tree Division and outsourcing tree cutting services to save about $55,000, and switching the township’s local police dispatch system to the county’s system to initially save about $390,000.

To save the positions in his department, Acting Director of Public Works Ken Ewers submitted a list of $56,000 in alternative cuts, which Council accepted.

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