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Letter to the Editor: Proposal for Referendum for Open Space at Bancroft

Five residents ban together to call for preserving open space at Bancroft.

Dear Editor,

It is our belief that open space would be the best outcome for the Bancroft’s site’s future. Once we lose this open space, it is gone forever. Haddonfield citizens  will be able to benefit from open space. High density apartments are not the answer.

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Haddonfield residents deserve a voice in its future.

A group of concerned citizens are initiating a petition to require the Haddonfield commissioners adopt an ordinance to preserve the Bancroft site as open space or to put a referendum question on the ballot at the next general election in November. It’s time that the residents of Haddonfield have a direct input to the future of this site.

Developing a 120-unit apartment complex  on this site would bring negative impacts to our community. This type of development would increase traffic congestion, strain local infrastructure, and potentially overburden our schools and public services. The Haddonfield school system is close to full capacity. The influx of school age children should be a concern to all citizens that value our educational system. It could potentially cost the school district millions to accommodate an influx of school age children. Traffic congestion impacts in that area will be severe. Hopkins Lane will not be able to accommodate the increase of potentially 200 plus vehicles traversing that road. Traffic congestion in Haddonfield is becoming intolerable, this project will only add to the problem. 

This proposed 120-unit apartment project is not geared towards senior citizen housing opportunities. It’s not owner-occupied, which deprives seniors (as well as anyone except the developer) the opportunity to have appreciation of their property and create wealth through ownership. 

The site is located in the historic zone, which means this proposal would conflict with Haddonfield’s historic character. 

The proposed 120-unit apartment directly conflicts with Haddonfield’s Master Plan. Four story structures with their mass and height will destroy the landscape that has prevailed in Haddonfield throughout decades of careful planning as a primarily single-family community. 

The potential adverse effects of developing an apartment complex far outweigh any short-term economic gains and would have a lasting impact on our community’s heritage and well-being. 

We urge the Commissioners to consider the long-term benefits of preserving the Bancroft site as open space. This decision will enhance the quality of life for all Haddonfield residents, protect our natural environment, and maintain the unique charm and character of our beloved borough. 

We trust you will make a decision that reflects the best interests of our community and future generations.

Neal Rochford, Jim Twitchell, Claudette Fonshell, Lisa Quanci, Terry Sentman



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