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Like lightning: MLU soccer team electrifies competition

Special to The Sun
The 2014 MLU Lighting team finished the 2024 South Jersey Soccer League season in first place with a record of 10-0.

The 2014 MLU (Mount Laurel United Soccer Association) Lightning team was recently cited by the township for winning the South Jersey Cup two years in a row.

The year in the team’s name signifies when its players were born. At a council meeting late last month, Deputy Mayor Nikitas Moustakas read a proclamation commemorating the Lightning’s consistent success.

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The MLU is a nonprofit known for is dedication to youth soccer development and excellence. It provides a comprehensive soccer experience for children of all ages and skill levels with both travel and recreational teams.

The Lightning won this year’s South Jersey Cup in late April, its second in two years. The team – playing in a higher age bracket – also finished the year’s spring South Jersey Soccer League season in first place with a record of 10-0.

Along with local success, the Lightning players have made significant strides in the state. The team is currently ranked 11th in New Jersey in the players’ age group, an achievement that highlights the players’ talent, determination and consistent performance.

Council recognized and congratulated the team’s staff and players: head coach Eric Bosley; assistant coach Mike Windstein; and players Adam Ahmed, Ben Leone, Bennett Pasker, Brayden Schwambach, Brayden Windstein, Caleb Zoeduah, Luke Burke, Marcus Hall, Mason Faulkes, Nicholas Santoferraro, Patrik Blomquist, Yaseen Omar and Yusuf Aly.

Aly – who has played forward/striker since the team’s inception in 2021 – believes the key to his team’s success is built on teamwork and dedication.

“I am extremely proud about our team’s development and success throughout the years, leading to winning (the) SJ cup championships two years in row,” he said. “It feels like an incredible accomplishment, and we look forward to keep working hard to represent Mount Laurel.”


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