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Fighting youth behavior that marred Gloucester Township Day

Addressing the need for solutions to the problem of youthful misconduct in public were state Sen. Paul Moriarty, Assemblyman Dan Hutchinson, Assemblyman Cody Miller, township Mayor David Mayer and Police Chief David Harkins.

Local and state officials have announced a comprehensive legislative package aimed at establishing penalties and enhancing measures to counter behavior like that seen on Gloucester Township Day last month.

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The newly introduced series of bills is designed to tackle misconduct on public properties, with a focus on preventing public brawls, disorderly acts and incitement of such behavior. Township Police Chief David Harkins highlighted the need for such measures after the arrests of 10 teenagers at the township celebration.

The juveniles – whose names were not released due to their ages – were charged with disorderly conduct before being released to their guardians, police said.

Harkins wants the proposed bills to address the kind of lawlessness for which the youth were arrested, underscoring the significance of parental accountability in stemming such behavior. Among the key provisions in the measures are penalties for specific conduct related to public disturbances and upgrading penalties for inciting public brawls.

Mayor David Mayer and Harkins also shed light on the impact the legislation would have on expanding the township’s curfew ordinance, changes that will have a second reading and public hearing. Among them are expansion of public areas now covered by the curfew; increased penalties for disorderly conduct; and penalties for parents, including fines and community service.

Mayer commended state Sen. Paul Moriarty and assemblymen Dan Hutchison and Cody Miller for their efforts on the proposed measures and emphasized the importance of maintaining community safety. He also expressed gratitude for coordination of state, county and local efforts to address behavior that can threaten township residents.

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